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This is an article with a content of how to get a good JAMB RESULT. This is not just for JAMB alone but also other Exams

This article is really going to help a lot of people,Because I have experience it myself.
While there are several things to ensure your success in JAMB 2019, the only advisable way which never fails is the right method and this involves doing everything right from your preparation uptil the day of the examination. This involves making use of all JAMB tools to prepare for your examination.

Such tools which include JAMB BROCHURE, JAMB Syllabus, JAMB CBT Centres as well as JAMB Past Questions to prepare for the forth coming can get these on

We have discovered this several JAMB aspirants do not do well because they believe JAMB is just an objectives test and however it may be, they will succeed without stress. When  you begin with this kind of notion and do not make use of the available JAMB tools at your disposal as well as prepare for the exam the proper way, you may just be on your way to performing poorly.
This means that there is serious need to prepare and boost your confidence towards the JAMB Examination and this article will do just that.

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For one to succeed in any task, he has to know what he is to do and then work towards achieving it. Success in any endeavour comes only through hard work; there is no shortcut to genuine success(As decoo Jay will say no shortcut to success)The same goes for examination.
prepare ahead of Time.

Time management and organization is an inevitable step towards exam success. Most of us will always wish we had started revision earlier and that we had more time. If the thought of an examination makes you jittery, then you are probably not fully prepared. Of course everybody will be a bit nervous about an important examination, but there is no reason why you should fall apart and fail to do yourself justice if you know what to expect before you go in.

There are ways of using the days, weeks and months available before the exam more wisely. All you need to do is to study according to the syllabus...which you can get on
Make a timetable
That includes all your subjects, and think about combining the subjects you find difficult with those that come more naturally to you, so you have something to look forward to.
Use your JAMB syllabus to make sure you have covered everything and be sure to reserve in your time table at least two weeks prior to the exam for your revision.

Do the registration yourself, If Possible. It is advised that you make yourself available at the CBT centre in which you are registering for the UTME. This will go a long way in checkmating any form of error that might be made by whoever that is doing the registration for you.
It will also help those that may be regarded as lack of  computer know-how   to get acquainted with the computer system, and this is very important as the exam is now fully conducted through the Computer Based mode.

Every JAMBites should be able to at least have a personal e-mail address he/she operates him/ herself. If you don̢۪t, just visit to create one

Thoroughly Go through the JAMB Brochure
Official JAMB Brochure For All Schools 2019/2020,, Make sure you carefully read the JAMB brochure before doing the online registration. This will help you in making a perfect choice of the courses you are best suited for.
Most JAMBites has never opened a JAMB brochure and this is why they always end up applying for the few popular courses without knowledge of other less popular courses which they may be better suited for.

Last year alone over 11,500 candidates applied to study Medicine in the University of Nigeria while only about 110 were admitted via the primary admission list
As  we all know that a good number of candidates that apply for medicine are considered very brilliant in their respective schools, so it ends up being a big fight and a survival of the fittest where most candidates with high scores still end up not admitted
Make Use of Past Question Papers.

Get hold of and study regularly past JAMB exams question papers to get a feel of what̢۪s required and to see how well you could cope with the previous exams. The best preparation is working through past papers and looking at your syllabus to avoid any surprises.
Minimize The Use of Social networks

It is advisable to reduce to the bare minimum your use of social network sites and tools when you are preparing for exams as they KILL an unimaginable amount of your study time.I can say am a victim in using the social network a lot but now I can say I have reduced the habit of using social network
If you are the type that cant help always getting online these social networks, try as much as you can to strike a balance between the time you spend on these social networks and your study time.Invest most of your time on your studies rather than chatting away your time on WhatsApp and Facebook
Adhere to instructions

During the exam, carefully read the instructions on your computer all the way through and make sure you know exactly what you have to do before you start.This is something have been told and practice during my secondary days and it is really good.
When you are ready to start, read each question more than once to make sure it really does say what you think it says. If you encounter any difficulty with your computer, call the attention of the CBT centre operator or the JAMB supervisor.