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Going through my experience I thought blogging was just to copy and paste article from other blogger site to yours but well it is not the purpose of being a blogger.


You should know what you want to pass out to people (for example you want it to be about Entertainment, Fashion, Food, web) also you should know HTML and CSS.This are programming codes you will use as a Blogger in Quote.
Secondly you must be a lover of writing. You must be someone who loves writing from your secondary days in school. Writing can be said to be a way of experiencing yourself to people (same definition as blogging) So you should create the habit of writing.


You may be wondering what rules? Am sorry to say there are Protocols that Bloggers are meant to follow and they are as follows:-

1-NO COPY AND PASTE:-You should know that for you to have a Blog site, you should be able to write and publish your post without going to other site to copy. What I do is that I do write my post using experience or grabbing information my person that is observing.

2-NO COPYRIGHT IMAGES;-well this Rule is not that simple to obey because it is not possible for one to know copyright images. I once asked my Blog instructor how I will know copyright images. And he answered is not possible .He also said that instead of me to downl oad images from Google randomly I should just go online and search free online blogger images Or just use screenshot.

3-WRITING MUST BE AT LEAST 400 WORDS:-This should not be a problem because we have done this in our secondary school write from JSS3.For me it helps in increasing your skills in writing Articles and Letters.


I will briefly talk on the benefit of blogging. I can say Bloggers now are earning up to 7k in a week for posting meaningful article on their blog.
Earning money through blogging has gone viral but this cant bee Achieved without posting at least 10 meaning article on your post and making your blog site famous. To make your blog site famous you need to know the key words you use when posting. Some bloggers usually post on their blog site using key words or title that is popular. I would say this is the wrong way of making your blog site famous.
To use right key words there are two ways:-

1-USING GOOGLE SEARCH;-Before you post go to Google and search for bloggers unused key words, this will help because bloggers are meant to use key words that are not famous and at the same time what people will search for.

2-USING YANDEX BROWSER:-you can go to to download yandex browser. This browser helps in knowing key words that are not populary used.

3:-BUYING A DOMAIN: - A personal helps a lot in making your site famous.expecially making it the first site viewers search for. Lastly, if you have achieved the above requirement you can then sign up for GOOGLE ADSENSE to earn money for every meaning post.

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