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 I noticed that present Social media users are only on instagram, Facebook, wechat and all other media except twitter.

  Twitter is a social media that does not have much users. I found out in my environment, school ,church and other places people that would say I don't like twitter,I don't want to create account on it all because of the low followers and connection .But some people who are on twitter will do follow for follow which is also good but not nice, or some will use apps are used for auto follow. just like the ones for Facebook.

 Lucky you,I am here to help you with easy and fast way to make twitter fun for you by enumerating ways of getting followers and connection to people over the world using TWIENDS.

TWIENDS is actually a website that helps twitter users to get connected to people from all part of the world so it is  not an app so don't get confused.

To start with you need an android phone or smartphone (Samsung, techo, infinix,gionee, Sony) or iphone ( 4,5,6,6x) that has a web browser(operamini,uc browser,chrome)and also data of less than 25mb.


Go to your browser then search for twiends or just click here

After seeing the website and clicked on it,you then see sign up or sign in.

When you click sigh up or sigh in if you have log in on your twitter account with that web browser you will only need to accept authorization but if not you will have to sigh into your twitter account with in that website. [Don't get too scared thinking it a scam of a Way of hacking your twitter account well I will tell you it not a scam.]

After sighing in above the website you will see connection, home click hom.After the clicking scroll down, you will users that you are require to follow that are on twitter after you follow them (like about 65 of twitter users all over the world ) you will be automatically connected to them.

 During this period go to your twitter account and check your followers or follower  request you will see an increase of followers in your account. This is the work of Twiends[don't forget send them a direct message for them to notice you and to turn on your notification] working in your twitter account. If you like you unfollow does that are not following you.But this will decrease your exposure of your twitter account to TWIENDS.

Thanks for viewing using twiends to get twitter followers I hope this article means something to you. Don't forget to drop your comment below for feedback or question.share Facebook | Twitter


  1. This was very informative thanks for the information!!!!

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